Spring Events Update

Those of you who are joining us on Saturday 27th April for the 270th commemoration of Handel’s Musick For The Royal Fireworks will have received schedule details, and we have also updated the schedule here https://bdrs.org.uk/handel/  Don’t forget our sectionals are being led by two double-reeds legends, Sarah Francis for the oboes and Roger Birnstingl for the bassoons. These sectionals will take place from 1.00pm until 2.45pm in the Concert Room and the Angela Burgess Recital Hall respectively at the Royal Academy of Music. It’s going to be really exciting! Polite reminder that you will not be able to turn up and play on the day but do come along for the performance at 5.30pm if you can!

This is followed by the BDRS Five Day Course led by John Anderson and Laurence Perkins beginning on Tuesday April 30th at Park Place,  Wickham in Hampshire. The Five Day Course is almost fully booked but there are one or two places still available so come and bury yourself in the Hampshire countryside and live and breathe oboes and bassoons with John Anderson and Laurence Perkins; comfortable, quiet and relaxing times guaranteed, with some marvellous music making opportunities to be had.

Finally on Saturday, May 4th the BDRS Double Reed Day also at Park Place Wickham in Hampshire. You will find all the details on the BDRS website.  We have engaged for the Double Reed Day on Saturday May 4thtwo “historic” double reed specialists as a bonus. Oboist Joel Raymond will demonstrate various historic instruments and tell us how to make a baroque oboe out of a piece of wood! David Chatterton will perform similarly on the early bassoons and might be persuaded to bring along his “Beethoven Contra” which he constructed himself and is as tall as a Scots Pine. We are also planning to run the Handel Musick For The Royal Fireworks  again in a double reed version (without brass). There will also be several trade stands for you to visit during the day with instruments to try/buy, music publications, reeds and accessories, double reed literature.

We look forward to seeing you!