BDRS/RAM Double Reed Afternoon

The BDRS is hosting this Double Reed afternoon in a new partnership with the Royal Academy of Music.

It will take place at:

Royal Academy of Music, Marylebone Road, London NW1 5HT

Sunday 7 August 1.30 – 5.30 pm

The afternoon is for oboists and bassoonists of a minimum playing standard of Grade 6; the tutors are oboists and bassoonists from the Royal Academy of Music.

There will be a variety of different activities with an emphasis on playing together. Tutors will draw on their wide experience as soloists, chamber and orchestral musicians to provide specialist coaching. There will be mixing and matching for everyone according to playing standard and repertoire.

We will provide a friendly, supportive, and non-judgmental environment. You will experience the joy of playing chamber music with like-minded others, and learn more about how to play the oboe and bassoon!

Activities will include:

  • Instrumental tips – daily warm-ups to keep our lips, fingers, and brain in good shape, attention to breathing, approaches to dynamics.
  • Sessions with piano accompaniment – if you have been working on a piece this is a good opportunity for you to play it with an expert pianist and improve your performance with tutor advice. Do bring along your own music (solo and piano parts). (These sessions are optional.)
  • Orchestral/chamber excerpts – have you ever wanted to play your favourite orchestral or chamber music solo? Just bring it along, or choose from our list of suggested excerpts, and receive tips from your tutor on how to play it beautifully.
  • Ensembles – do you enjoy playing chamber music in small groups with other players? We will select players of matching standards to take part in coached sessions including both oboes and bassoons. Topics to be covered include tuning, leading and following, breathing together, and period style. If you play an alternative instrument such as contra or cor anglais do bring it along.
  • Reed adjustment – is my reed too hard, too soft? Is it appropriate for the piece I am playing? How can I choose a good reed? Bring along questions such as these and share experiences and advice with your tutor and other players.
  • Tutor Recital – your tutors will perform a short recital for you.

For participants of school age the cost is £20 (£15 for BDRS members).

For adult participants the cost is £25 (£20 for BDRS members).

We also offer a year’s half-price BDRS membership post-event for all participants who are not already BDRS members.

Applications are now closed for the oboe and bassoon afternoon at the Royal Academy; however, keep a look-out for announcements about our forthcoming Leicester event in September!