Online Double-reed Days in April

We are delighted to be offering two online double-reed days in April, co-ordinated by Hannah Blumsohn and Philip Haworth.

Monday 12 April 2021 – Fun Day for Under-18s of all levels

Tips and tricks, warm-ups and performance sessions, meeting other double-reed players, learning about reeds and technique and so on – this promises to be a lovely opportunity for school-age players to engage with others their own age and to learn from tutors including Maddy Millar and Hannah Blumsohn.

The day will run in two sessions:

10:00-13:15: grades 1 – 5
14:30-17:45: grades 6 – 8

Costs are £25 for non-BDRS members (which includes a year’s FREE digital BDRS membership) and £20 for BDRS members.

We are hugely grateful to our sponsors: Howarth of London (who are sponsoring up to eight FREE places!), The Oboe Shop @ Crowthers, and Allianz Musical Insurance.

Click here to apply!

Please send any queries to Hannah Blumsohn.

A PDF advert for the event can be downloaded here.

Sunday 18 April 2021 – Online Day for Adults of all levels

Players over the age of 18 are welcome to attend this fun online day focusing on all aspects of double-reed life. Lots of tips and tricks with a reed workshop, inspiring warm-ups and technical help, plus a performance class. Tutors include BDRS Oboe President Nicholas Daniel, renowned oboist James Turnbull, Atéa Quintet oboist Philip Haworth, and RCM Bassoon Professor Stuart Russell.

The day will run from 09:00 to 15:00; costs are £45 for BDRS members and £55 for non-members (this includes a free year’s digital BDRS membership).

We are grateful to Wonderful Winds for sponsoring this event.

Click here to apply! (N.B. Places for the performance class are limited; in the event of over-subscription students may be allocated to another tutor.)

Please email Philip Haworth if you have any queries.

A PDF advert for the event can be downloaded here.