Nicholas Daniel talks to Ewan Millar

What do Bitcoin, free-diving, and shoes have in common?

They were all discussed as part of an exclusive interview with Ewan Millar, BBC Young Musician Finalist 2020.

Ewan Millar

Ewan comes from Reading and has been playing the oboe since he was eight, firstly with Nicola Fairbairn and now with Melanie Ragge. He is currently in his second year studying Music at St Hilda’s College, Oxford, where he plays in several ensembles, including the Oxford University Orchestra and a wind quintet, sings in the college choir and plays piano in a jazz trio. When not making music, Ewan enjoys playing tennis and maintaining a keen interest in history and politics.

We at the BDRS are SO proud of him for his incredible achievement in the BBC Young Musician competition, especially in the face of so much uncertainty and difficulty caused by the pandemic.

You can watch the interview in full on our YouTube channel here.