Alexander Technique for double-reed players

Joseph Sanders

Joseph Sanders, professional oboist and Alexander Technique teacher with thirty years’ experience, is offering Alexander Technique sessions for double-reed players, online in groups of three or four.

Joseph writes:

“We’re currently rolling out courses online at the Guildhall School of Music and have been pleased with, even a little surprised by, the positive results. So, I want to offer this to you too, my double-reed comrades of all ages.

“I’ll introduce the Alexander process Stop-Think-Do and the theory of body mapping. Then together we’ll explore them in action over five sessions.

“There’ll be opportunity to investigate your own playing, plus we’ll do lying-down work every session.

“For those interested and with time to spare but little income, I’m happy to offer this free. For others, £15 each per zoom class.”

You can email Joe for more information, or to sign up.