GDPR Statement

In order to provide information and benefits to our members, and to facilitate the functioning of the Society, we inevitably need to hold some of your data.

The data we have are:

(a) your title, given name, and surname;

(b) your postal address;

(c) your telephone numbers and email address(es);

(d) an indication (if relevant) that you are under 18 years of age (but no other specific details such as date of birth, etc.);

(e) musical details (the instrument you play, etc.) and other similar information;

(f) any other miscellaneous information that you have voluntarily sent in email(s) and via other on-line systems.

We do not have your bank details, date of birth, or other sensitive information of this kind, and we have a data retention policy of two years.

We will not pass on your data to any other organisation, unless as a necessary part of an entirely relevant process such as your application for a music course, where we need to send your details to the venue hosting the event.

Our system is safe: all membership details are stored on encrypted removable media solely for this purpose.

Further information about the Data Protection regulations that apply after May 25th 2018 can be found at the Information Commission’s website.